Do you have to have a white wedding?

10th December, 2019

For decades now, brides have traditionally chosen white gowns for their big day. Some think this is due to the way it symbolises purity, and virtue - but actually, the trend was started by Queen Victoria back in 1840, who supposedly just liked the look of the white dress she selected.


Historically, other coloured dresses were chosen far more often, in part due to the fact that they could be reworn, and the fact that white dresses aren’t particularly practical. We all know how hard it is to keep a white dress clean! 


If you’re thinking about choosing an alternative colour for your wedding dress, then we’ve rounded up some inspiration to get you thinking. Whether you want to go bold and bright or pretty and pastel, there are plenty of wedding dresses out there in all colours of the rainbow. 


Pretty pastels 

Pastel dresses are a great choice for those who want to keep a more neutral, understated colour palette while still avoiding the classic white dress. Blush pinks, baby blues and light greys are all common choices among brides looking for something a bit different. Major designers such as Mira Zwillinger and Vera Wang have all released pastel themed wedding dress collections in the past, so you know you’re in good company if you opt for one of these gowns. 


Bold brights 

Want to stand out from the crowd? In that case, bold, bright, beautiful gowns are the way to go. Rainbow shades of red, orange, blue or green are a wonderful way to bring a hint of whimsy to your wedding day - and truly show a slice of your personality. A good mid-point is a two-toned gown, or skirt and top combo; the top half could be a more neutral colour, with a beautiful bright skirt below.


Deep and dark 

If you really want to make a statement on your wedding day, then there’s nothing quite like going all-out with a dark-hued gown. Black wedding dresses have seen a bit of a resurgence in recent years, and can offer a super chic way to stand out on your big day. If you fancy something a little softer, then navy dresses are a classic choice. Plus, dark gowns are great for wearing again to events in the future! 


Think about the theme for your wedding, and use this to inform your dress colour decision. Bright, beaded gowns can look magical in the summer months, while deeper tones are perfect for bringing warmth to a winter wedding. Whatever the season, there’s sure to be the ideal dress out there just ready and waiting for you to find it. 


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