What couples have said

Meet Kelly and Hannah who tell us about their visit to The Wedding Experience

Simon and I met just last year, in July, and on first meeting we both experienced a connection like no other - it was instant, like we had known each other for years. Almost from that moment we knew we were destined to be together forever. Although we both felt that things were moving rather quickly, the absolute certainty of what we had found in each other made us equally certain that we wanted to make the ultimate commitment to one another. We exchanged engagement rings on Christmas Eve in the grounds of Rochester Castle, making last Christmas the best! Several people came up to us after we had proposed to each other down on one knee and warmly congratulated us! It was such a great moment We attended the Wedding Experience at Detling Showground on 28th January 2018 with the intention of picking up a few ideas for our forthcoming big day. It will be the second wedding for both us, having both been previously married to women and both having grown up families. We want every detail to be perfect and to have the best celebration possible for us, our children, families and friends. We had no idea we would come away from the day having decided on our venue - Chilston Park Hotel in Lenham. Having spoken with a lovely young lady at the show who told us that the hotel was having an open day, we immediately drove down to have a look. We also found the perfect wedding suits and a beautiful vintage car which will go perfectly with the Great Gatsby theme of our wedding day. Arriving at Chilston Park, we both knew that this HAD to be the venue for our special day. We have now set the date for 2nd February 2019 which is also my grandson's 8th birthday - what a brilliant joint celebration it's going to be. We now have one year to plan our wedding and are extremely grateful that our attendance at The Wedding Experience provided us with so much. Thank you.
Paul & Simon
Harry proposed to me on our 6-year anniversary in November 2016. Straight away we both knew that we wanted to say ‘I Do’ on our anniversary date as it had been such a special day so far. We are getting married November 2018 at our amazingly perfect venue. We have been to many Kent Wedding Experience fairs and booked most of our suppliers from these shows such as photographer, florist, the dress. We are hoping to book the remaining things for our big day at the Kent Showground.
Stephanie & Harry
My partner Tom proposed to me on our 7-year anniversary on a very romantic trip away to Edinburgh! He really pulled out all the stops as it was a surprise trip, he had arranged first class travel and we stayed in a five-star hotel (very unusual, we don't usually live the "high-life"!). As soon as we arrived he wanted to go straight to the castle which I thought was a little strange as it had been a long trip and he wanted us to go out straight away. Tom proposed just outside the castle by placing a Pandora bracelet on my arm which was engraved with, "will you marry me?" and a Pandora charm which says, "she said yes" (a little confident it seems!). We thought we would have a long engagement, however; I became too excited about the prospect of planning a wedding so we attended the last Detling Wedding Experience show earlier this year. We were pleased to find the stand with staff from Salomons Estate so we got talking and arranged a visit to view the venue and immediately fell in love! It was actually one of the first wedding venues we came across so we arranged visits to other venues but we found that we kept telling ourselves, "but it's not Salomons!". Eventually, we booked and we are very excited about our day next Summer in 2018. We are incredibly grateful to The Wedding Experience event which meant that we found our dream wedding venue. We still have a lot to organise including a photographer, flowers, hair and make-up, rings, wedding entertainment, dress and suits!
Natalie & Tom
We met in 2008 and Jay befriended my dad before he made a move. The best thing he could have ever done. We had our beautiful daughter in 2010, bought our first home in 2012 and on a trip to Cyprus last June for my little brother’s wedding he said on an open top bus ‘I would marry you tomorrow’ (drink had helped). I said I will believe it when I see it. He crept off on our last night and at dinner when everything went wrong, wrong ordered food, only 4 meals came out instead of 5 etc. He got down on one knee and popped the question while the sunset by the pool on our last night. We haven’t had it easy, heart attacks and death in the family but next year we can't wait to get married. Love your wedding shows so looking forward to that this year as I can come for me.
Charlotte & Jay
We have had so many ups and downs with our experience planning our perfect day so far, we were a little all over the place to be truthful. So in the spirit of trying to make it a little more fun I suggested to my partner about The Wedding Experience shows. I used to exhibit at the shows with my little family-run cake business so I thought it would be fun for us to go as a couple and actually get to take it all in. So we planned to go to the Hilton Hotel show a little while ago. We told my mother, my partner’s mother and my nanny we were going. To my total shock, everyone wanted to join us. So we set a plan to go. It was the first time my mum and nan had met my soon-to-be mother-in-law and they had just so much fun. We saw some old friends on stalls as we walked round and as a family came up with some amazing ideas for our special day that we just cannot wait to see materialised. It brought us all together and it was the best feeling. Turned our whole planning journey around. Now we have booked our venue and we are ironing out the finer details and it’s becoming more and more real as time goes on. We owe a lot to that day, it turned our whole experience around, brought us all together and I am so excited for Detling show as more of our families are going and I’m sure it will bring us together just like the first.
Alexandra & Adam
Picking the venues was the easiest part and couldn't be more contrasted. We're getting married in a church and the reception is in a back garden, festival theme… aka Wedstock! Both venues have meaning, the church was where his nephews were christened and where his parents had their blessing before his dad passed. The garden was the last project for the family that his dad saw through to the end.
Kendra & Dom
When I was young my grandmother passed away and every Boxing Day to mark her memory we would talk a walk by the Thames as this was our favourite place to walk when we were kids. This then became a tradition that Sam (my fiancé) and I continued and have done for the last 5 years of our relationship. Every Boxing Day we go to London, take a walk and then go to a cocktail bar to have a toast for my grandmother. Last year Boxing Day 2016 we did the same we went for a walk however Sam told me to take a seat. He then got down on one knee and popped the question!! He decided to do it there, so I felt like a part of my Nan was there when he proposed. We then went back to my grandfather’s house where a huge party had been planned with my closest family. This was magical, and our big day is 8th June 2018!! We have our dearest friends hoping to attend the wedding fair with us who are getting married 28th July 2018!
Amber & Sam
My boyfriend proposed to me this year on my 30th Birthday, with the help of our baby boy. It was such a surprise as neither of us had really talked about marriage. In July we began looking for venues, had looked at a few and chose The Orchard in Bearsted. We both liked it straight away and booked a package with them. We are getting married on the 15th June 2019, seems a while away but we know the time will go quick! We haven't done much planning as of yet but will start next year, I can't wait to start looking for the perfect dress with my bridesmaids, choosing the flowers and trying some cake! Roll on 2019!!!!
Natalie & Thomas
My partner and I are planning our wedding for the 17th May 2018. After originally planning a big family wedding near our home in Thanet, we have now booked a small intimate wedding in Paphos, Cyprus after the passing of my partner’s father. We are having a small wedding with our closest family and a few friends in a family-friendly hotel as it will also be our first holiday abroad with our two sons aged 7 and 6. I am yet to find my dress and bridesmaids dress and it is an experience I look forward to doing as not everyone I’d like can attend the wedding and I'd love to share that experience with them instead.
Kelly & Austin
We got engaged on a Thursday and having worked in the wedding industry I really wanted to hit the ground running so we attended our first wedding fair three days later. I have never been so nervous or scared in my life. I walked around the fair not knowing what I was doing and in a zombie state. A photographer came up to me and said, ‘Are you alright, you look petrified’. My other half was great talking to everyone and picking up leaflets only to then end up laughing at me as he thought it would be the other way around. Throughout the process he has been the rock of our planning and 8 months to go just the little details to get, oh and my wedding dress having been an Alfred Angelo bride.
Matthew & Tilly