A day in the life of 2 of Harps

Before the wedding day we prepare all the music in one file (we have 12 files each!). Our manager phones the venue again to finalise the details for the wedding such as times etc. The couple are contacted and all the music they have chosen for the day is reconfirmed. We also ensure we have the correct dress colour coordination and it’s been steam ironed and hanging ready for the day.

The Day of The Wedding

07.00 Adel wakes everyone up and we begin our usual wedding day - first by tending to our mini zoo! Cleaning out our four guinea pigs and two skinny pigs (hairless guinea pigs), Karina takes Tilly, our adorable cavapoo for a walk and all four tropical fish tanks are fed. Then we finally are able to use the bathroom. Thank goodness we are moving soon, so we can have our own!

09.00 The car is loaded with both harps, stands, harp trolley, music files and any PA equipment. We warm up our voices both before leaving and in the car on the way to the wedding, much to the delight of our parents.

13.00 We arrive at the venue at least an hour before the ceremony, although most times we are there even earlier than estimated. We find out where we’re setting up (if we have not played at this venue previously) and then unpack and tune the harps. When the registrar arrives we always have chance to talk with them about the music.

13.30 The guests usually arrive half an hour before the ceremony, although some are more eager than others. We begin to play music chosen by the couple as friends and family take their seats in the ceremony room. Some couples decide to keep the harps a surprise for their guests, so it’s always lovely to watch their expressions when they see and hear our music.

14.00 As the guests take to their feet, we begin to play and the bride walks down the aisle. The guests gasp, smile and cry with happiness. As she arrives at the front, we gently fade the music away. Chosen music is performed while the register is signed and then as the happy couple leave once again the guests stand, this time to an upbeat track either vocal or acoustic accompanied by claps and cheers.

14.30 As the bride and groom have their photos taken and the guests enjoy their drinks and canapés we play a selection of romantic music selected by the couple. In warmer weather when everyone is outside, we take our harps to where the people are gathered, whether on a terrace or a lawn.

18.00 Just before the guests take their seats at the wedding breakfast, we move our harps into position, ready to play in the newly married Mr and Mrs. Throughout the wedding breakfast we play a selection of music the couple have asked for, often music which is special to them and their family, old and new favourites and some romantic classics. As the bubbly is poured ready for the speeches to take place, we move our harps and pack up - this normally takes us 10 minutes! We have got down it to a fine art.

20.00 Back home, we unpack the car and take the harps out of their cases, unless of course we have a wedding the next day. Then dinner - for Tilly, the guinea pigs (skinny pigs),fish, and then of course us !!

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