A 25-hour day in the life of Crackpot’s Cakery

Saturday, 10:30am –

Been baking for about 3 hours now. I can still see 10kg of caster sugar, 5 kilo bags of gluten-free flour, a ‘baker’s-dozen’ dozen eggs (156) and half a lemon tree that I have to plod through. Why do I agree to this? I’m crazy! Mmm… next time I might use coconut flour instead. But then coconut evokes everyone’s love/hate emotion, sometimes not so popular. Ok, peanut flour then. Oh, but then we are providing for gluten intolerance/coeliac sufferers but tripping up the nut allergy sufferers. Ah, I’ll decide next time…

11:30am –

Whipping egg whites until foamy, sieve the flour. I remind myself that I love using gluten-free flour for Angel Food. As it is pure white and Angel food is supposed to be exactly that – made for angels – it works so much better and is lighter and fluffier than the gluten counterpart.

12:30pm –

Split the caster sugar, combine cream of tartar, lemon juice, salt and vanilla pod seeds. Oops! Best take the last batch of 35 from the oven… I’m not even sure I set the timer for those ones.

1:30pm –

Where was I? Oh yeah, vanilla pods! The compost heap is going to smell better after the 28 empty vanilla pods are added. The snails won’t like the 137 eggs shells on the soil growing the carrots for the carrot cake though, that’ll teach those little suckers!

2:30pm –

That’s the final two batches baked. Just another 150 Angel Food cupcakes to dress with vanilla buttercream, meringue pieces and white chocolate droplets. Don’t eat the chocolate – leave the chocolate alone Andi!

3:30pm –

Still buttercreaming. 325 of the 400 are baked, dressed and boxed ready for delivery though. Yippee!

4:30pm –

As the last cupcake enters the made-up box containing my business card, the box is secured with a sigh of relief. I stand back and survey 3 giant boxes holding 400 cupcakes. I eat the last cupcake on the kitchen side, the one that didn’t quite make the grade and I remember I missed breakfast and lunch. I wash everything in sight.

5:30pm –

I load the cupcakes into the car and I’m off to deliver them to Detling Showground. There is no way I’d have got them in the car with everything else tomorrow morning.

6:30pm –

Back from the showground, noticing the nice clean kitchen on the way in *big smiles*