A day in the life of Vicki Lord



The alarm sounds and the day is off and running. Vicki is up and getting ready in her hotel room located intentionally a few miles away from her bride’s venue. Everything is organised this way by her wonderful reliable PA Sam, ensuring Vicki not only has somewhere for ‘shut-eye’ but that there is limited risk of any delays getting to her bride. Vicki’s kit is also primed and any hairpieces checked, packed and re-checked. It wouldn’t be good to turn up with the wrong coloured hair piece!


Vicki has booked out of the hotel, car packed and off on her short but pre-planned route (thank you Sam again). Vicki always arrives early (normally 15minutes) than the pre-arranged appointment but this to allow her to set up all her equipment, ensure everything is in order and even squeeze in a cheeky cup of her favourite Earl Grey tea! Its also a great opportunity to link in with any other creatives in attendance such as the make-up artist and photographer. Whilst individual professionals, we have to work as a team together to ensure our separate schedules do not clash. Timings are vital as you never want the bridal party to run late or add any stress to the day.


Vicki meets the bride and her bridesmaids but then its straight down to business as there is that strict timing schedule to observe. Often Vicki will discuss the styles for the bridesmaid perhaps reflecting the theme of the wedding or mirroring aspects of the brides hair. First up is one of the bridesmaids. Everyone is excited and the atmosphere reflects this mood. Vicki enjoys this environment and always adds to the fun whilst working her magic!


With the first bridesmaid completed and hair ‘netted’ Vicki moves onto the next - no rest. No break. Vicki repeats similar style and nets the hair to protect curls and hold the styling, ready for the big occasion.


The Bride is next and Vicki will always allow sufficient time to ensure every detail covered in their consultation and trial are replicated on the day. The styling is created into a ‘work of art’ and again netted. This beautiful styling will last all day. The bride will not be worrying about any curl or clip out of place or loose!


Two more bridesmaids to style and Vicki again works her creative skills completing the last of the bridal party and the room is buzzing!


Whilst all the party are now beautifully styled, Vicki reserves 30 minutes at the end to check off all hairstyles, not least the bride herself. This helps to ensure as close to perfection as Vicki can deliver.


Vicki can finally relax! Time to clear up and tidy away all her equipment. Totally drained having been on her feet for nearly 5hours but its worth it. The bride is so happy she sheds a few tears of joy and embraces Vicki with huge overwhelming gratitude. However, no time for this as the make-up artist is awaiting. This is the normal order as the make-up needs to be fresh as possible.


Vicki is packed up and back on the road.

1320hrs Vicki returns home. Enough time to unload the car and grab a bite to eat and take her Vicki Lord Celebrity bridal hairstylist hat off to then become Vixta mum to her two beautiful girls and a wifey to her very supportive and loving husband! and relax………… :-D

Credit: Phoebe Chen and Lemonade pictures

Credit: Phoebe Chen and Lemonade pictures

Credit: Hannah and Kerryannduffy

Credit: Beth and James Richard Photography

A day in the life of Vicki Lord